Dr. Jim McCollough Executive Director

Dr. Jim McCollough
Executive Director


We’re glad you stopped in for a visit!

Folks often ask me:  “What do you do at Topeka Center for Peace and Justice?”  I could talk for an hour at least about what we do!  And in fact, I love to accept invitations from community groups and church organizations to do just that!  Give me a call at the office and offer an invitation!  We LOVE to tell our story!  We would love to have you involved in what we do!  Together, we can create a community that is defined by our civility.  In a broad stroke, that’s what we are all about at the Center.


I am a retired clergy of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  I should say semi-retired, as I am currently serving as pastor (part-time) of the Holton Kansas Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  But I love my work at TCPJ.  I like to say that for me, “TCPJ is where the rubber hits the road.”  My work at TCPJ sometimes takes me to the Statehouse to cast my voice in favor of justice for those who are our most vulnerable.   Last fall we hosted “Turn Around Tuesday” for 8 weeks in a row leading up to the mid-term elections, and we dealt with tough issues that face our legislators, like public education, the death penalty, gay rights, women’s right of choice, gun safety, immigration, and others.  Sometimes my work takes me to a state-wide gathering of school administrators, social workers, nurses, and other leaders to provide updated information about bully prevention in their public schools across the state.  Sometimes my work takes me sadly, to lead a vigil of remembrance after a homicide has taken place in Topeka.  Other days I am in planning meetings with folks like Topekans Against Gun Violence, and Heeding God’s Call encouraging houses of worship to realize that gun violence is a moral issue.


So let us take you on a tour.  Check out every page of our website and I think you will agree; we have a lot going on.  Don’t forget to stop by the donation page!  We are dependent on the gifts of our friends in the community, and we’d love to have you as a member of Topeka Center for Peace and Justice.  (Membership is only $25.00).


The Peace Center is sponsoring three special events in February and March regarding Climate Change. Be watching for more information. And hold open the dates of 2/29/16, 3/3/16 AND 3/7/16. Each of the forums will be in Marvin Auditorium (Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library) at 6:30 PM.
Global climate change is a “wicked problem” that defies easy or conventional solutions. This problem is actually an emergent condition of modernism that must be managed and is too multidimensional to be simply “solved.” Managing climate change effectively in the years ahead will require political and social action on many fronts, including: A) reducing carbon emissions through conservation and by expanding the use of existing forms of alternative energy generation and transportation; B) developing and implementing new low carbon technologies for energy generation and transportation; C) adapting to rising temperatures, extreme weather and rising sea levels; and perhaps D) experimenting with ecologically sophisticated carbon sequestering, geoengineering, and other innovative engineering measures designed to combat the problem. Please visit http://www.weforum.org, and view the powerful YouTube, “A Climate For Action” featuring Nobel Laureate Al Gore in a new and encouraging film.



Topeka Center for Peace and Justice is pleased to announce that we are now in the process of developing a mediation program and are currently training mediators. Visit our Mediation page for a link to our new brochure on parent/adolescent mediation.