TCPJ’s new mediation program is still in the early stages of development; meanwhile, click here to view our Parent/Adolescent Mediation brochure to learn more about this new mediation program.\

The Topeka Center for Peace and Justice initiated a new program as of July 1, 2015. TCPJ has contracted with the Shawnee County District Attorney’s Office to facilitate an Immediate Intervention Program for first-time offenders and is an alternative to the juvenile justice system. If, upon completion of this program, the juvenile has complied with all the rules, regulations, and conditions, The District Attorney’s Office will not file a criminal complaint for the offense(s). Part of the program is Victim-Offender Mediation. Victim Offender Mediation is a restorative justice practice that emphasizes offender accountability, providing victims a voice in being a part of the solution of juvenile crime, and an opportunity to repair the harm caused to the victim. This practice allows the opportunity to restore peace and justice back into the lives of those affected by the offense. This program has been made possible by contributions of all those who contribute to the Topeka Center for Peace and Justice. As 2016 begins, we ask for your consideration of caring for the expenses of this work. Checks may be made out to The Topeka Center for Peace and Justice. Questions contact: Jim McCollough, Executive Director 785-232-4388


We are also including a Parent/Adolescent referral form for anyone who is interested in participating in our mediation program.