About Us

The Topeka Center for Peace and Justice’s mission is to promote justice facebooklink and peace through education and action for social change by working with individuals and organizations in the greater Topeka community.

Toward this end, The Center organizes programs that appeal to a wide audience and that empower people. It networks with other organizations, congregations, and community groups.

You are invited to participate in this work. For more information or to volunteer please contact Jim McCollough at 785-232-4388 or topekacpj@gmail.com.


Jim McCollough, Executive Director

Lindsey Schwartz, Programs Director & Bullying Prevention Specialist

Lindsey Anderson, Mediation Director

Kristin Hammer, Program Director



Tobias Schlingensiepen, Chair

Edie Snethen, Vice Chair

Marty Peterson, Treasurer, Secretary

Carol Albott, Membership Representative

Don Anderson, Highland Park United Methodist Church

John Christensen, Membership Representative

Dennis Dobson, Temple Beth Sholom

Dale Fooshee, Membership Representative

Carl Frazier, Southwest Baptist Church

Davis Hammet, Loud Light

Glenda Overstreet-Vaugh, Membership Representative

Hakim Saadi, Islamic Center of Topeka

Guy Smoker, Southern Hills Mennonite Church

Sharon Sullivan, S.T.A.R.S.

Joan Wagnon, Downtown Topeka Rotary Club