What is Gun Sabbath

TOPEKA CENTER FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE initiated and sponsored Mother’s Day March For Gun Safety last May which culminated in a service at Temple Beth Shalom.  Our Heeding God’s Call organization has a goal of helping local religious congregations to  respond to the reality that gun safety is a moral issue in our country.  We hold vigils in various locations in Topeka when we learn of a death by gun violence.  We hosted a vigil at the time of the Ferguson MO shooting, which laid the ground-work for the Black Lives Matter movement.  Our local law enforcement has been a part of many of our efforts to help bring an end to violence, and to make our city a safe and peaceful home for everyone.  We deeply appreciation the Topeka Police Department and the Shawnee County Sheriff’s personnel in their efforts to make our community safe.

Watch this page for information about our 2017 Mother’s Day March.